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The five countries in dark green make up the majority of our clients: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iran.

Ms. E

Ms. E is originally from Afghanistan. She fled her home country due to sexual & gender-based violence perpetrated by her former husband, his family, as well as members of her own family.

Ms. E lived in Turkey for 5 years, during which she faced several challenges in navigating the asylum process. She received legal assistance from the Helsinki Citizens Assembly Refugee Program (now Refugee Rights Turkey) with her UNHCR asylum application. After a lengthy appeal she was granted refugee status and was ultimately fortunate to be resettled to the U.S. in 2014. Ms. E and her family have learned English quickly and have adjusted to their new lives in the U.S.

Camera by Monique Jaques; Editing by Sean Stewart; Interpretation by Abdulfattah Lemar Rabiei

 Mrs. N kindly provided us with a selfie from her new home in the United States.

Mrs. N kindly provided us with a selfie from her new home in the United States.

Mrs. N

Mrs. N and her children fled their home country of Somalia after being targeted by armed groups in the midst of increasing violent conflict and destabilization.  They sought safety in Yemen first, only to again be forced out of their new home by the conflict there. They left Yemen and sought refuge for a second time in Syria. This was short-lived, as they had to leave the country for Turkey once the Syrian Civil War began.

Displaced three times, Mrs. N received legal assistance from RSN's Legal Center for Refugee Rights in Turkey. The Center assisted her to find appropriate schooling for her child with autism. The Center also helped secure financial aid for her family and provided legal counseling throughout the resettlement process, including advocating for her referral by the UNHCR as a vulnerable individual in need of resettlement. Mrs. N received legal assistance and representation from the RSN Center until her family's departure to find a permanent home in the United States.

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