Our Partners

RSN is committed to work with local partners to bring much needed legal aid and capacity to refugees abroad. By identifying and supporting allies on the ground, RSN maintains a commitment to programming that incorporates existing structures and local know-how, rather than exporting foreign personnel to key host countries.


Refugee Rights Turkey / Multeci Haklari Dernegi

RRT is RSN’s primary partner in the field. RSN has supported RRT since its establishment in 2015 as the continuation of the well-respected Helsinki Citizens Assembly-Refugee Advocacy and Support Program. Together, RSN and RRT carry out a number of programs, including the operation of a Legal Center for Refugee Rights in Istanbul. RSN is committed to supporting RRT to continuously serve as a center for expertise for the provision of legal assistance to refugees in Turkey.


Center for Legal Aid - Voice in Bulgaria

CLA is RSN’s newest partner. RSN sponsors a legal fellow to boost CLA’s capacity, while providing research support and collaborating on advocacy.


Boston University School of Law

RSN and BU Law are working together through the 2016-17 term to analyze the human rights implications of EU policies at the bloc’s Southeastern border.

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