Know Your Rights

RSN's work involves the dissemination of accurate and up-to-date information to refugees and protection-seekers about a range of topics ranging from registering for legal status to how to access rights and entitlements. Using a variety of formats, we seek to contribute to refugees' access to information and access to justice for all communities. Below, find examples of ongoing efforts with our partner Refugee Rights Turkey to serve the needs of Syrians and other groups seeking protection in Turkey.

RSN and partner Refugee Rights Turkey maintain a series of informational booklets and videos for refugees in Turkey. This is a collaborative, ongoing project.

Our short-form animated videos provide information for Syrians and others subject to Temporary Protection in Turkey. Visit our YouTube page for a full list of video materials.

Written information booklets for Syrian nationals and others under Temporary Protection, as well as non-Syrians under International Protection, are available on the RRT website in several languages. The written materials cover information on registration and status, health care, education, and access to the labor market. 

In addition, RSN contributes to group know-your-rights information and counseling sessions with our beneficiaries. Read this blog post for an inside look at our information sessions, and how RSN and its partners work closely with local refugee communities to ensure they cover salient topics. 

 A know-your-rights group counseling session for Syrian refugees in Turkey.

A know-your-rights group counseling session for Syrian refugees in Turkey.

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