Our Mission

We believe that a response to forced displacement should be rooted in local communities. As we connect local expertise with global advocates, we make sure to focus on understanding ourselves and the world through the lens of solidarity. We bring this approach to the partners we support and the refugees we serve together.

The Refugee Solidarity Network’s (RSN) mission is to protect and expand the rights of refugees. We do so by building capacity of local legal actors in the greater Mediterranean region, advocating for rights-based refugee assistance policies and programs, and raising awareness of the refugee experience.


About Us

In 2016, RSN expanded our efforts to respond to growing refugee needs in Bulgaria and Greece. RSN partners with the Center for Legal Aid-Voice in Bulgaria (CLA). RSN expanded its fellowship program to CLA, and provides technical and research support to the Sofia-based NGO, particularly in the course of strategic litigation efforts. RSN similarly provides research support to local Greek NGOs. Channeling these experiences from the field, RSN advocates in global forums to increase protection and opportunities for refugees around the world. We also work to raise awareness of American audiences to understand the importance of refugee rights.


From RSN’s launch in 2014, we have focused our attention on one of the world’s most significant host countries of refugees: Turkey. RSN supports and works together with leading national NGO Refugee Rights Turkey (RRT) to provide free-of-charge legal assistance for refugees and to cultivate a rights-based response among the humanitarian and development assistance communities. We also use a fellowship program to mobilize human resources from the US to boost RRT’s capacity and connect advocates between the countries, while promoting pro bono partnerships among the Turkish legal field. More info on our programs in Turkey can be found here.


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