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Protecting the rights of refugees in Turkey by engaging with and building capacity of advocates in the region.

Turkey hosts over 200K asylum-seekers from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia, as well as over 2 million displaced Syrians, making it the largest refugee host country in the world.

While the government of Turkey has spent billions of dollars to respond to this crisis, the international community has also contributed by providing critical assistance to refugees who live in urban settings (only about 250,000 refugees live in camps in Turkey). RSN focuses on areas of the international humanitarian response that are often overlooked or ignored.

RSN mobilizes financial and human resources to increase capacity of the legal field in Turkey to respond to growing refugee needs. Rather than providing direct services in Turkey, RSN builds capacity of actors who do, by funding unique local initiatives, administering fellowship programs for qualified Americans, and introducing organizational models from the US and around the world, such as pro bono partnerships that link the private bar with non-profits. RSN raises awareness of American audiences to understand the importance of Turkey in global migration, and carries out research and advocacy with relevant US stakeholders to increase protection and opportunities for refugees in Turkey and around the world.

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